Lifter Hamper™ Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lifter hamper work?
Our patent pending, bungee spring loaded liner allows the clothes to drop as the weight of the clothing gets heavier and rises as the weight of the clothes get lighter. Allowing the individual to pick clothing off the top of the hamper rather than bending to grab them from the bottom.

How much laundry will the Lifter Hamper™ hold?

Approximately 2-3 loads of Laundry/Clothes

What colors is the Lifter Hamper™ available in?
The Lifter Hamper™ is available in black & silver, black and gold, and pink and black. We will add more colors in the future.

Can I return the Lifter Hamper™ if I do not like it?
Yes, we offer a limited, 30-day money back guarantee. However, once you start using the Lifter Hamper™, we are confident you will never want to use any other laundry hamper ever again!

Do you have a reseller program for the Lifter Hamper™ so that my company can sell it?
Yes, please email us at contact@lifterhamper.com to discuss what is needed to get you started selling the Lifter Hamper™.

Does the Lifter Hamper™ have wheels?
Yes there are wheels located on the bottom of the Lifter Hamper™ that make it easy to roll roll from one room to another.

How big is the Lifter Hamper™? (Dimensions)
36” H x 16” W

Does it take up a lot of space?
No not at all!! Once you are done using the Lifter Hamper™ you can fold it up and put it away. When completely folded its only 2 ½ wide which makes for easy storage.